The platform

Palpalots new entertainment platform enables your friends and family to experience classic and new games in a never seen before way. Using modern camera, connection and touch technology in a modular architecture the system enables you to reuse as much of the original game equipment as possible.

The games

Starting with a foundation of well loved (European) board games the platform will evolve into a multitouch gaming environment. Spanning all genres and age categories it enables the whole family to take part in this next level experience.

The team

Palpalot was founded by an enthusiastic team relying on a broad experience in developing software. They combine their knowledge of state of the art technologies and their love for games to create something never to be seen before.

Bring gaming back to light.

Raising the topic of games in a conversation either leads to the mental image of a youngster sitting in a dark basement playing the latest AAA shooter or a reminder to boring rainy days with board games. Using modern technology with well proven gameplay ideas enables your friends and family to bring fun games to the living room again.

Don't waste time reading rules. Enjoy the game.

A game idea that encompasses more than just a couple of figures and a die often requires thorough reading and understanding of a complex rule set. Clever or strategic thinking is limited by trying to grasp the basic game ideas and raises the bar for new or unexperienced players. By using handicaps, multimedia game hints, automatic rule keeping and many more features, different kind of players are able to compete in the same game.

Don't pay full price every time. Pay for what you need.

Extending or changing a classic board game usually requires you to buy a packaged extension with a huge price tag. Not to mention the need to find a store that just has the right edition available for you. Using in-app purchases and a reusable game set finally can put an end to this.